Hyster Forklift Parts Online

For years, Hyster forklifts have been associated with quality, durability, and precision manufacturing. With more than 130 unique lift trucks in their product line-up and multiple years of production, finding replacement Hyster forklift parts can be a time-consuming challenge. The search gets even more complicated when you’re searching online

Whether you’re seeking Hyster stand-up trucks, high-capacity lift trucks, or order pickers, online used parts searches can challenge even the savviest shopper. The truth is – the internet is filled with multiple websites that claim to offer “the lowest prices” or “fast-easy shipping”. But many of these websites serve as drop-shippers, who simply relay your order to a distributor or fulfillment center, where eventually they will be sent to you – hopefully undamaged, and the right fit. 

When you depend on your forklift to keep your warehouse, manufacturing, or retail service center operational, you can guess with the quality or dependability of the Hyster parts being shipped to your location. 

Therefore, we’ve assembled this simple list of four key components you should verify before clicking on that ORDER button – when you’re shopping for Hyster forklift parts online

Key #1 – Where are They Located?

It’s amazing how often you search on a website in the About section – or Contact Us section – and really don’t learn anything about the actual company. This is done on purpose – as there is no rule or regulation that requires an online merchant to disclose their location – on the website. HOWEVER, one general regulation that international banking agencies have is disclosing the location on a financial statement. 

But, before you click that BUY button, do you research first. Verify where the company is located. If they don’t have their company location posted on their website, or easy to verify contact information – skip them. 

Key #2 – Do they Offer Free Returns?

Nobody is perfect – even Hyster forklift part suppliers or those ordering them. Sometimes, the wrong part will show up on your receiving dock. When this occurs, it’s important to have peace of mind knowing that the business you allocated your funds will honor a return policy. 

If an online forklift salvage company is credible, they will offer you at least a 10-day return policy from the time you receive the parts. If that’s not in writing, again – verify with the parts supplier personally. If you’re spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on replacement parts – you should have a right to return them if needed. 

Key #3 – Do They Offer a Wide Selection of Hyster Parts?

This one is specific for Hyster forklifts. As we noted earlier, there are more than 130 different makes and models of Hyster forklifts. Moreover, there are different powerplant options – including those that are electric or internal-combustion variants. 

When you search for Hyster replacement parts online, make sure to verify with the company that they offer a wide-selection of salvaged and reconditioned replacement parts. If they don’t have the part in their current inventory, see if they’re able to find it for you. That’s a bonus that will save you a lot of time, hassle, and likely money. 

Key #4 – Do They Offer Aftermarket Equivalent? 

Sometimes it’s more than acceptable to bypass the OEM – and opt for an aftermarket equivalent. If there are components that you can select that are not OEM certified, that is something to consider. While this is rare with major systems like engines, gears, and hydraulics, there are some parts like forks, masts, or others that are more than fine to be aftermarket. 

Working with a professional forklift salvage company like Atlanta Liftruck Salvage will remove the guess work from each of these four keys. Our Atlanta-based company has served Hyster forklift owners for more than 25 years. We always inspect, recondition, repaint, and verify every replacement part is fit for duty. 

Whether you own a Hyster electric truck, combustion engine lift, or order picker, you can find the parts you need at an affordable price. More than that – we also are willing to help you locate those hard to find parts, supplied by manufacturers you can trust. 

Our No Hassle 30-day return policy gives you the peace of mind knowing that if you happen to order the wrong part, we’ll take care of it. We are dedicated to surpassing the expectations of our customers and strive for perfection with each transaction. 

If you need replacement parts for your Hyster forklift, contact us today.