Forklift Fleet High Season

With one of the largest holiday shopping seasons right around the corner, having a stocked fleet of forklifts that are ready and able to pick pallets of orders is crucial. This is especially true for anyone who operates a fulfillment center.

Having the machinery necessary to help fulfill orders is not an option, it is a necessity. In fact, it will be an even bigger priority for the 2020 holiday shopping season. That’s because, according to the 2020 Retail Holiday Trends Report by CBRE, this will be an extended holiday season that will also see an earlier start coupled with a surge in ecommerce sales.

This means that if you work in a fulfillment center, you better go ahead and stock up on extra used forklift parts and some software monitor your fleet to help you keep up with the high volume of what is adding up to be a very busy holiday.

Technology and Your Forklifts

Did you know that there is a wealth of software programs out there that can help you optimize your fleet management and deployment?

This type of software is what is called a fleet management program. Most of these programs include things such as telematics and GPS data collection to help you track the behavior of your forklift when in use.

Since these programs collect data on how, when and for how long your forklifts are performing any variety of tasks, it allows you to make better, data-driven decisions on how to best optimize the utilization of your equipment. Additionally, by having accurate usage data regarding your forklifts, it can give you a better idea of when certain parts may need to be changed out.

If you are leasing the forklifts in your yard or warehouse, these software solutions can even alert you when the weekly allowance of time for a specific lease on a machine is up and it needs to be rotated out. This will save time and money when it comes time to fulfill a rush of orders over a short period of time, such as this holiday season.


Waiting until the last minute to get prepared for a flurry of tasks that could put your forklifts into overdrive mode us never a wise idea.

During peak buying seasons, many businesses find out the hard way that they are severely underprepared to handle the volume of work coming their way. When this happens, they rush out to find the best deals on rentals to cover the rush and then they end their rental contracts when it is all over.

Smart businesses actually keep those contracts open far past the rush.

In fact, keeping your long-term rental agreements open even during normal volume seasons allows you to always have the machinery you need, on-site, whenever you need it. Fortunately, many renters also offer short-term rental agreements that


While technology and rental contracts certainly go a long way, if your forklift is not properly maintained via routine maintenance, it is all for nothing.

As we have discussed in a previous blog post, maintaining your forklift equipment is vital to keeping it in good, working condition. From the battery down to the tires, your season will only go as smoothly as your equipment is fit to provide.

Right now, as we have faced and continue to face downtime in most industries across the board, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the perfect time to perform routine maintenance while your machines are idle and before the global economy picks up speed again.

Don’t wait to perform reactive maintenance, use this opportunity to set implement a scheduled maintenance routine, and stick to it.

Stock Up

One of the very best pieces of advice that we can give when it comes to preparing for higher than normal usage of your forklifts is to simply stock up on used forklift parts.

Forks, brakes, tires, and batteries all break down over time, but their lifespan is cut drastically when put under high-intensity workloads. During periods of peak activity, your machinery is simply put under a lot of stress, and having used lift truck parts laying around will undoubtedly come in quite handy when you find yourself with a stalled forklift during a rush.

To help you get stocked up and ready to face any set of tasks with confidence in your forklifts, reach out to the team here at Atlanta Liftruck Salvage. We have been dealing in used forklift parts for over 25 years and we are proud to be the largest lift truck parts salvage yard in the United States.

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