Forklift Tires

While they’re made from exceptionally hard and durable materials, even forklift tires wear out. The extreme weight and loads they carry, multiple surface types they operate, and the frequent pivoting are all factors that lead to tire wear of a forklift. When they are worn, or are showing signs of excessive damage, proactive warehouse managers and forklift maintenance or repair companies often reach out to a forklift salvage company.

Contrary to popular myth, not all forklift tires are identical. Some are pneumatic, others are solid, and there are even hybrids of each. When you need to locate replacement forklift tires, one of the best resources at your disposal is a forklift salvage company that offers high-quality used forklift parts, at exceptional pricing.

Before you spend endless hours searching online for tires, it’s important to understand the nuances and differences between the different types. This is what we’ll explore in the information below.

What is a Pneumatic Forklift Tire?

The term pneumatic refers to the inclusion of ‘air’ to provide power or support. Most commercial tires are pneumatic – some filled with general compressed “air” – and others using special gases such as nitrogen.

In years past, the pneumatic tire was a dual-phased component, with a hard rubber casing and softer inner tube. Today’s pneumatic forklift tires are all-inclusive, single-casing design. However, they are much different than you’re run of the mill car or truck tire. There are two grades of pneumatic forklift tires.

Air Pneumatic Tires 

The closest forklift tire that replicates the features of a car tire is the air pneumatic variant. They are filled with air, but feature a very thick, multiple layered, casing that helps improve the load capacity of the tire. These tires are made for interior or exterior use, feature deep treads (for loose dirt or gravel traction) and are typically wider than most forklift tires.

You’ll use these types of forklift tires under the following circumstances:

  • Forklifts that operate indoor and outdoor
  • Job sites with loose gravel or dirt roads
  • Tasks that require a softer ride (a shock-impact tire)

Solid Pneumatic Tires

The solid pneumatic tire is made from solid rubber – and designed similar with a run-flat automotive tire. They are designed to reduce puncture due to penetration to common worksite debris like nails, metal, and wood. Most forklift owners will use these tires in lumber yards, outdoor storage, or junk yards/recycling centers.

Specialty Forklift Tires

There are other forklift tires that are designed for specific applications. These are known as specialty tires. Most of them are simply skins that are applied to solid wheels, mainly made from high-grade rubber.

Cushioned Forklift Tires

The cushioned tire is one that is often exclusively used indoors in warehouse environments. They are a molded rubber casing that fits over a steel band. It has no tread patterns and resembles a drag racing slick tire in design.

The cushioned tire is more cost-effective than their pneumatic cousins, require fewer resources in manufacturing and less maintenance. They are used on forklifts that are lightweight, operate indoors, have lower ground clearance, or navigate tight spaces.

Non-Marking Forklift Tires

The final grade of specialty tire is the non-marking version. These tires are used in warehouses that have coated or polished floors – such as warehouse membership clubs or medical storage facilities. They are specifically made with rubber without carbon but can feature tread or a smooth surface. Mainly, these tires are used in food storage or packaging facilities, jobsites with cross-contamination restrictions, and manufacturing facilities that operate clean or debris free surfaces.

How to Find the Right Forklift Tire

It’s always recommended to OEM replacement forklift tires. However, working with a forklift salvage company like Atlanta LIftruck Salvage can provide you with quality tires, from barely used forklifts, at an affordable price.

Buying replacement forklift tires from Atlanta Liftruck Salvage is easier and more reliable than you’d think. Each tire we sell undergoes extensive inspections, testing, and aftercare, to ensure it is safe for use. We have been providing forklift owners with high-quality used parts for more than 25 years. And with each product we offer, the quality and integrity of the component is never in question.

All tires we sell are clean, inspected, and ready for installation. We offer quick, reliable, and expedited shipping, and in the case of a wrong order or fitment issues, we provide a No Hassle, 30-day return policy.

If you’re in the market for replacement tires for your forklift, contact the experts at Atlanta Liftruck Salvage and we’ll help you locate the perfect set.