Improve Performance Forklift

When you purchase a forklift, it is very rarely with the thought that you are instantly going to need to modify it or otherwise optimize it to make that much more worth your initial investment. After all, you just spent a lot of money on purchasing it, so it really needs to be worth it before you ever even get it rolled into your facility.

Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to look for additional ways to continually optimize your forklift in order to get a better overall return on investment.

Do you want to get the most bang for your buck out of your forklift?

Good, because we have a few tips that may help you do just that…

Put the right forklift on the job

When purchasing a forklift, you need to ensure that it is already equipped to handle the tasks you are going to give it.

If you are generally just toting around smaller pallets or lightweight items, there is no real reason to go out and spend a fortune on the biggest, most powerful forklift. Ultimately, your forklift can be further modified over time as the need calls for it.

Also, while you do not need to buy the biggest and most expensive forklift you can find, you should also consider that you will need some room to grow over time. So, try to find a happy medium right from the beginning and build onto it as your needs grow.

Perform pre-shift checks

Before every new shift begins, you should spend just a few minutes giving your machinery a quick maintenance check.

Not only does doing this ensure that your forklift is safe to be operated during the shift, it also helps you to pinpoint corrosion, electrical shorts and other mechanical failures before they escalate and create a much larger problem such as permanent damage. When these issues are found, simply rotate the machine out of operation until the proper repairs are made.

Check the tires, the battery, and any visible wiring or other electronics on the forklift. Ensure that safety harnesses work properly and there are emergency items onboard such as a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit.

Keep your liftrucks clean

If you really want to optimize your ROI of the purchase of your forklift, keep it clean!

Yes, mechanical issues are absolutely critical but did you know that a lot of those mechanical issues are actually caused by a failure to keep the forklift clean and free of debris?

That’s right, every time your forklift is exposed to the elements such as mud, water, salt, sand, etc… it all builds up and can clog up gears, rust critical components and will also decrease your resale value should you ever need to trade it in or sell it for something better.

Spray down the undercarriage, clean the operator’s cabin, clear the chassis of debris and make sure the chains that pull the mast are unobstructed and not rusted out.