Hyster Forklifts

With a line-up of more than 130 unique forklifts in their production, Hyster forklifts are well-known for their superior performance, efficiency, and durability. Their forklifts are configured for diesel, gasoline, LPG, and electric power and have a diverse capacity ranging from 2,000 to 115,000 pounds and offer a configuration to suit any business type. The plethora of Hyster forklift parts to service these lift trucks is just as diverse.

The Hyster brand offers a forklift configuration that ranges from internal combustion stand-up trucks, to order picking, high-capacity monsters. With that said, ordering replacement parts for Hyster trucks can be complex – simply due to the expansive line-up, individual part numbers, and applications.

As such, we’ve decided to provide an overview of the different types of Hyster forklifts offered in 2020, many of which have been in production for many years.

Internal Combustion Forklift Trucks

Hyster’s flagship liftrucks are their expansive line-up of internal combustion-powered forklifts. They are well-regarded for their durability, longevity, and ability to navigate the toughest of working conditions. These trucks are powered by LPG and Diesel – with select models powered by gasoline. Power is sent to drive wheels via a proprietary Hyster® Duramatch transmission – which helps to improve operational efficiency with reduced costs of service and maintenance.

Within the line-up of the internal combustion-powered lifts are multiple variants – mainly based on the tire type or load capacity.

  • Pneumatic Tire Trucks: This is the traditional air-filled forklift tire. It’s a solid rubber casing that is reinforced for maximum weight and uses air to provide additional strength and support.
  • Cushion Tire Truck: There are some situations where the cushioned tire is best suited. Most of the time, it’s for warehouses with high storage steel, built-in confined areas.

High Capacity Forklifts

When you need a liftruck that can hoist up to 105,821 pounds, the high-capacity line-up is best suited. These robust liftrucks are signed for heavy-duty applications, with a plethora of customizable options for unique warehousing and facility lift tasks. Most of the high capacity trucks are used in industrial capacity, with LP, electric, and diesel-powered options.

Container Handlers

Container handlers serve an important function to expedite modern logistics. The Hyster range of ReachStackers and dedicated container handlers can carry loads up to 101,000-pounds. They are designed for superior reliability, performance, and engineered for optimal efficiency. The cost of maintenance and repairs is also reduced due to the superior construction, and of course, using precision fit components.

Electric Trucks

Moving pallets through the warehouse or facility is easy with Hyster electric trucks. They offer three and four-wheel variants, as well as a line of Hyster electric pallet trucks – that deliver superior horizontal pallet transportation. They are diverse, energy-efficient, and designed for easy driving and operation – with reduced maintenance costs.

There are additional Hyster liftrucks that serve customers across the globe including pallet stackers, reach trucks, tow tractors, and order pickers. The range of applications within each product offering is expansive, allowing you to find the perfect Hyster forklift for your specific needs, applications, and budgets.

The Best Resource for Hyster Forklift Parts

While Hyster forklifts are built to last, like any other mechanical system – moving parts will eventually wear thin and require replacement. It’s commonly misunderstood that the only option for Hyster liftruck owners was to purchase new OEM parts directly from the factory. That’s not quite accurate.

In fact, you can find superior used Hyster forklift parts that have been fully inspected, cleaned, and optimized for seamless fitting and replacement. A professional salvage company like Atlanta Liftruck Salvage is your go-to source for Hyster forklift parts – from replacement wheels and tires to complete combustion engines or electric motors and more.

For more than 25 years, the salvage experts at Atlanta Liftruck Salvage have provided forklift owners with the highest-quality used forklift replacement parts for a wide-variety of commercial equipment. Whether you own a Hyster electric truck, combustion engine lift, or order picker, you can find the parts you need at an affordable price.

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If you need replacement parts for your Hyster forklift, contact us today.