Installing Forklift Parts during COVID

There is no denying the reality that is COVID-19. This wide-spread virus has significantly impacted the daily lives of billions of people across the globe. But it’s also caused a major disruption in logistics, warehousing, and retail operation as well. While each business is uniquely impacted, one item all who use lift trucks in their daily operations deal with is completing forklift maintenance. In some cases, they will buy and install used forklift parts vs paying higher prices for new

COVID-19 or the coronavirus has caused many businesses with multiple employees to restructure many of their operations – including facilities that move freight with a forklift. Any lift truck requires routine service and maintenance, and a major part of these tasks is replacing parts occasionally. 

If you are going to make repairs, complete inspections, or simply clean your forklift, there are some important steps you should take to keep everyone protected. 

As such, here are a few items to consider if you’re facility is looking to fine-tune your forklift service program to reduce exposure to virus transmission in the workplace.

Try to Keep Maintenance and Service In-House

If you operate a facility with multiple forklifts, you likely have an in-house service and maintenance team. This is becoming a growing trend among lower-volume facilities as well – especially with COVID-19 work restrictions. The best way to reduce the possible spread of this virus is to reduce the number of people coming into your facility. 

Complete Repairs Outdoors

For those who do not have an in-house service department or have fewer lifts to repair, it makes sense to set up an outdoor section of your facility for a contractor to complete the repairs. Most subcontractors working on forklifts prefer to work outdoors – especially if there is a lot of clean-up to complete. 

Here are a few things you can do to help them:

  • Make sure the area is flat and free of loose dirt. To reduce the potential of slips and falls on your property, set up your outdoor repair area on a flat section that is concrete or asphalt. 
  • Set up a canopy. This can keep sunlight, direct heat, and weather away from the forklift and service technician. 
  • Make sure they have an ample supply of power. Most forklifts require power or air tools to replace major used forklift parts. While many of them will have their own tools and machines, make sure you set up your area close enough for them to access the power supply. 

Discuss Your Warehouse Policies with Any Visitor

If you order your replacement parts from a professional online forklift salvage company, they’ll be delivered to your facility via UPS, DHL, or FedEx in most cases. Most warehouses have set up safety protocols for all delivery agents, so make sure this applies to those who are delivering your replacement parts as well.

Sanitize Your Forklifts After Service

While you can take all the safety protocols above to reduce any COVID-19 exposure inside your facility, it’s important to remember that the equipment can collect contaminants. To keep your forklift operators and employees safe, make sure to sanitize your forklift prior to bringing it back into the warehouse. 

To accomplish this, follow these recommended steps:

  • Make sure to wear PPE – such as nitrile gloves, a face mask, and/or face shield. 
  • Use industrial sanitizer solution and disposable paper towels. Shop towels are best – as they are more durable and will hold up better. 
  • For optimal results, spray the sanitizer on the towel – then wipe off surfaces – especially those that are touched by the forklift operator.

Buy Your Replacement Used Forklift Parts from Atlanta Liftruck Salvage

Finally – if you’re going to order replacement parts from an online salvage company, make sure to buy them from a professional organization with a great reputation for supplying quality parts in great condition. Atlanta Liftruck Salvage has served forklift operators with refurbished replacement parts for more than 25 years. Our reputation for shipping parts in great condition is strong, and we always make sure that all parts are clean and free of debris during packaging. 

If your parts are not correct, we offer a hassle-free 30-day replacement policy.  More importantly, we go above and beyond to ensure all parts we ship are cleaned and free of contaminants. We care about the health and safety of our customers, so if you have any questions about our dedication to reducing exposure to COVID-19, give us a call.