Atlanta Liftruck Used Parts

Safety should always be the priority of any business. This is especially true with a business that has heavy equipment moving throughout their warehouse, manufacturing, or fulfillment facility. According to OSHA, one of the leading causes of heavy equipment accidents is human error. However, parts failure is a close second place, leading many proactive warehouse and service managers to wonder if investing in forklift used parts is a smart idea.

The answer to that question depends on multiple variables – as all used parts for forklifts are not identical. Some are in better condition than others, while some are designed for short-term use and should never be sold or purchased to a second-hand owner.

This leads us nicely into the topic of today’s blog. In the information below, we’ll explain a few of the important factors you should consider when determining which used forklift parts you should purchase or if you should opt for new. We’ll also explore the benefits of buying forklift used parts online, and why it’s critical to work with experts that offer great shipping and return policies.

Which Used Forklift Parts Can Be Replaced?

If you’ve taken the OSHA forklift certification exam, you’ll remember that the three main components that make up any lift truck are the body, the overhead guard, and the hydraulic lift. When these three sections of the forklift are damaged, it’s commonly misunderstood that the only replacement is OEM or new replacement parts.

That’s not accurate. While these three systems are crucial for functional operation and safety, you can purchase refurbished or rebuilt parts that make up these three areas. The hydraulic lift specifically is comprised of multiple moving parts including cylinders, motors, and gears. These solid parts are easier to rebuild and recondition for professional technicians.

The key is to ensure the company you purchase from has the experience and a proven record of refurbishing these parts, and if applicable, certifying them based on OSHA requirements. If you’ve verified these details with the used forklift parts supplier, you can feel confident buying several pre-owned components including:

  • Gears
  • Differential Carriers & Housings
  • Masts
  • Ring & Pinion Gears
  • Forklift Levers and Linkage
  • Panels & Doors
  • Engine Components including blocks, heads, and electric motors
  • Axels, Wheels, and Pumps
  • Assemblies & Cylinders
  • Cooling Systems and some Brake Components

Are there Used Forklift Parts to Avoid Purchasing?

Just like your daily driver or fleet truck, there are several components and parts on a forklift that are designed to wear out and be replaced with new parts or materials. The main item to consider is whether the parts or materials are designed for single-use applications. A great example of this would be oils, fluids, filters, and some hoses and belts. With items like belts and hoses, the material type, and the condition of the parts is a variable that you’ll have to determine if it’s right for you.

One general rule of thumb is to consider the operation of the forklift. If it’s used sparingly – and in areas where there is little to no human interaction – it may be appropriate to defer to a recycled or salvaged part.

The best advice in this area would be to ask the manufacturer of your lift truck or the used parts supplier. Believe it or not, the best used parts suppliers will go above and beyond to give you the right advice, always deferring to the safety of you and everyone at your business.

What’s Important to Factor When Shopping for Used Forklift Parts Online?

If you’re going to travel the path of buying used forklift parts on the internet, it’s important to do your homework about the supplier before buying any part. The best online parts suppliers have a few important attributes in common.

Reliable and Fast Shipping

Forklift parts are heavy. As such, shipping tends to be the biggest hurdle when ordering them online. The best providers of used forklift parts will offer you reliable shipping – with all parts packaged in high-quality materials. This helps you get the parts you need quickly, but most importantly – in good condition.

30 Day No-Hassle Return Policy

Sometimes errors are made in ordering parts. And if it does, it’s always refreshing to know the shipper offers a return policy – without hassle.

High-Quality Used Parts for Forklifts

If you’re going to purchase used forklift parts online, defer to the experts at Atlanta Liftruck Salvage. For more than 25 years, the forklift and commercial lift truck experts at Atlanta Liftruck Salvage have been dependable providers of high-quality reconditioned, salvaged, and repaired used parts. Each part we ship customers has been completely inspected, cleaned, verified, and painted to ensure a seamless installation.

Our expert customer service specialists and technicians are more than happy to guide you through the process and determine if it’s better for you to opt for new replacement parts if needed. Take some time to explore our online parts inventory or contact us today to inquire about those hard to find replacement parts.