New FD 20-35 TCM Lift Truck

Lift trucks, or forklifts, are a vital component of any warehouse or storage facility, critical to safe and efficient movement of heavy goods. While we tend to think of them as a simple and practical tool, the new FD 20-35 Lift Truck from TCM goes beyond the utilitarian and has a variety of features that make it, along with the FD/FGE 40-55 model, premium assets that improve operator comfort, support increased efficiency, and promote operator safety.


Moving heavy goods and supplies with less effort, shifting loads from lower to higher locations with ease, and maneuvering throughout compact warehouses and storage facilities is standard for any well-made forklift. Diesel engine-driven technology is key in a variety of industries, and remains the technology of choice in a vast number of economy drivers, including 12% of all private-sector industrial activity. However, as with any heavy machinery that operates with a diesel engine, emissions are a concern.

Fortunately, the current generation of advanced diesel technologies, including the engines utilized in these new counterbalance forklifts, are more energy-efficient and lower in admissions than any previous technology available. Meeting regulations is important, but both the FD 20-35 and FD/FGE 40-55 Engine Counterbalance Forklifts go beyond this, meeting EU Stage V emissions regulations while making no sacrifices on performance. Featuring the most up-to-date engine technology, their low-emissions diesel engines are capable of high-performance standards while creating significantly lower CO2 emissions, allowing for a cleaner, greener operation that meets all European Stage V restrictions.


Among the many benefits of the FD 20-35 is in the design details that are specific to operator comfort. Operating a forklift can be an extremely demanding job, particularly in busy warehouses, and including ergonomic details that allow for peak comfort and flexibility throughout the day can make a huge difference in productivity, reduce strain, and maximize efficiency. The proactive focus on ergonomic design in the FD 20-35 can be found in places like the operator compartment, which includes features like three-point access, reduced step-height for less strain getting into the compartment, a more roomy and spacious truck floor. The compartment also features “through-the-floor” pedals, which provide an additional comfort.

Not only the compartment, but the seating is also designed for optimal comfort and ergonomic flexibility. Fully adjustable seating makes it simpler for operators to find the most comfortable position for themselves, a major benefit when working longer shifts. The Grammer seat is a standard feature in both the FD 20-35 and the FD/FGE 40-55 models, which includes adjustable movement, added side supports in the back cushions, and adjustable anti-cinch belts that can accommodate forklift operators that are a variety of heights. There is also an available option for a full-suspension seat that provides even more comfort and support- ideal for operators that need additional accommodations or for operators who frequently work longer shifts.   


The armrest includes a fingertip control option, which can provide operators low-effort levers and length/height adjustments, making the ability to control the lift more precise. The FD 20-35 also includes a memory tilt steering column, for a myriad of available adjustments to suit any operator and the ability to retain setting preferences for each, making switches between workers and shifts go more smoothly, and maximizing uptime between operators.

In addition to all these features, these models also include supreme visibility thanks to two forward work lights and a mast specifically designed for improved visual access in all directions. There is also the benefit of having removed crossbars from the overhead guard, a detail that makes visibility even better.

The engines in both trucks have a number of advances in technology. Not only are they energy-efficient and produce lower CO2 emissions, but the high-pressure common rail fuel injection system makes certain that the diesel burns cleanly while providing maximum power output. Part of what ensures that the diesel burns so cleanly is the exhaust gas recirculation system. This sends the exhaust gas back through the system after cooling it- limiting the harmful emissions, while a diesel oxidation catalyst captures and oxidizes particulate matter. This can all sound rather technical, which it is- but it’s revolutionary as well.


Maintenance is a breeze on these trucks, as they are designed and built to last. With a cool and quiet engine thanks to the horizontal cross-flow cooling system and fan, the engine isn’t likely to overheat and stays functioning at optimal performance levels. The engine also features an aluminum core that prevents corrosion and a direct drive fan that keeps noise down and reduces maintenance frequency. With an advanced engine protection system that monitors fluid levels and automatically reduces RPMs when fluids are low, the risks for damage are significantly reduced. The warning system allows for replenishment at ideal points, preventing critical issues, and saving money on potential repairs. Both trucks also feature an ECO-driving fuel saver mode. In addition to reducing fuel consumption by about 18%, this option also reduces noise, which operators will surely appreciate.

Safety measures are vital in any heavy machinery, and the myriad of safety features built into both trucks are state-of-art and premium level. They prevent injury to not only the operators, but pedestrians and other assets in the vicinity of the operating vehicle as well. Chief among these is the OPS, or Operator Presence System which comes standard on both the FD 20-35 and the FD/FGE 40-55. This system provides both visual and audible reminders to the operator, and causes all powered travel and some hydraulic functions to disengage whenever the operator leaves the normal operating position. Warning alarms and dash indicators are activated if the operator leaves the compartment without applying the parking brake or fails to fasten their seatbelt while within the compartment. Load weights are automatically and prominently displayed on the dash as soon as the forks are lifted, keeping operators clearly informed.

In addition, both models also offer added safety measures, such as rear grab bars, rear work lights, alarm packages, ground speed controls, an overhead guard cover, and swing-down LP tank brackets. In fact, there are numerous customizable safety options available when purchasing, so buyers can be certain to include every safety feature necessary for their specific needs based on operation and application.

With customizable safety features, premium engine technology, reduced noise and emissions, and peak ergonomic design, these trucks are designed with all the bells and whistles that will guarantee an improvement in operator comfort, increased efficiency, and enhanced safety while meeting strict guidelines that reduce pollution and emissions. A win all around.