Here is a pop quiz – if you had an opportunity to buy a new truck with zero miles or save 10% or more by purchasing one with a few hundred miles – which would you choose? If you’re a fiscally responsible business owner, we’re willing to wager that you’d opt for the slightly used pick-up. Believe it or not, when it comes to purchasing replacement forklift parts, many proactive warehouse or fleet repair managers subscribe to the same concept.

The days of having to purchase brand new OEM replacement forklift parts are long-gone – especially if you have liftruck that is a few years old. For a variety of reasons, whether its companies going out of business, downsizing, or upgrading equipment, more used forklift parts that are OEM compliant are becoming available in the United States.

The simple truth is that today’s used forklift parts are higher-quality than ever before. Companies like Atlanta Liftruck Salvage invest in equipment, expert technicians, and implement extensive inspections and restoration procedures – making the replacement parts durable, dependable, and more affordable than new.

There are several reasons why investing in refurbished forklift replacement parts is a smart business decision. Let’s review three of the best benefits for option for refurbished vs new OEM forklift parts.

Quicker to Order and Receive

Most professional forklift salvage companies have the bandwidth and capacity to maintain a larger supply of replacement parts that are previously owned. New parts on the other hand are typically fulfilled through distributors, who have to receive the order from the customer, order the parts from their supplier, have them shipped, mark up the cost, and eventually send to the business ordering the parts.

Working with an online forklift salvage company streamline and simplify the process. When you order the parts through their simple to navigate website, the parts are already inspected, repainted, and reconditioned – packaged, and shipped to you in high-quality packaging materials. Shipping is quick and efficient, ensuring you receive them sooner – so that repairs can be made, and the forklift or liftruck can be placed back into service.

Cost-Effective Replacement Parts for Forklifts

The most obvious benefit of ordering used vs new replacement parts is the cost. While pricing varies on the type of part, brand, or model – based mainly on supply or demand, it’s estimated that customers pay more than 50% higher on a new OEM part than a used component. If a warehouse is budget conscious (which is nearly all businesses these days), they must be careful about overspending for replacement parts.

By choosing to buy your parts from a dependable forklift salvage company like Atlanta Liftruck Salvage, you can feel comfortable knowing the they will be much cheaper in cost, arrive sooner, and save your company a lot of money on lost revenue. Anytime a forklift is sidelined because of parts damage, a company typically needs to order a temporary forklift, or operate without one – which increases payroll, reduces warehouse efficiency, and can compromise your ability to serve customers.

Easy Return Policy

This is a benefit that truly depends on who you order parts from. Since many forklift parts businesses that sell new OEM parts are distributors, processing returns can be tricky. Most distributors or OEM parts can offer a return on components they keep in their inventory. However, if they must order the parts from the manufacturer directly, the return is typically met with restrictions – and usually at the cost of the customer by having to pay large restocking fees.

When you work with a professional and proven used forklift replacement parts supplier, the return policy is simple, easy, and efficient for the customer. Atlanta Liftruck Salvage takes pride in our No Hassle 30-Day return policy.

If you order the wrong part, you simply contact our customer service department, process the return authorization, and send them back. Your account is credited quickly, and we’ll help you find and fulfill the right parts.

Atlanta Liftruck Salvage has served warehouse operators, fulfillment centers, manufacturers, and commercial customers across the globe for 25 years. We’ve established a strong reputation for providing high-quality used forklift parts that are affordable, in great condition, and shipped quickly. Moreover, our customer service team is knowledgeable, courteous, and ready to help you find the best parts for your equipment.