Forklift Injury

When it comes to any form of heavy machinery, proper maintenance is the best preventative measure anyone can take to avoid injuries, or in worst-case scenarios… a fatal accident.

OSHA has gathered data on forklift-related injuries and have stated that 34% of all accidents that occur with a forklift lead to someone being injured. Furthermore, roughly 100 people out of that figure are fatally injured as a result of a forklift accident.

A large number of these injuries are due to the actual machinery malfunctioning resulting in an accident versus operator neglect.

To prevent this from happening and growing that OSHA statistic, you need to implement a few best practices for forklift safety…

Get on a routine forklift maintenance schedule

We’ve said it before, a routine maintenance schedule is not optional if you want to keep your forklifts in operation.

Generally, the forklift manufacturer will have certain maintenance recommendations in regard to that specific make and model. You should always follow these recommendations as the default, but you really should perform a thorough service of your forklifts once every 6 months. Or sooner than that if they have been performing under intense work volumes or when a daily morning inspection reveals that there may be some issues to investigate.

Stock up on used forklift parts

It is inevitable that, over time, your forklifts are going to break down from moderate wear and tear. Having all the spare lift truck parts you need on hand, you will be able to get you machinery repaired and back in operation in no time at all.

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It helps if you also have some forklift repair staff onboard to help ensure the repairs are made correctly, are sustainable, and do not create unsafe conditions for the operator.

Contact a forklift service specialist

This tip ties into the previous one just a bit…

But you really do need to have a forklift service specialist on standby to help you make proper repairs as the majority who offer these services are certified to work on brand specific forklifts and forklift parts such as Toyota, Hyster-Yale and Komatsu.

Partnering or simply working with a specialist can save you time and money that you would otherwise spend providing in-house training and certification programs to your staff. The latter is a great idea as well, but it is indeed more costly to go that route.

Get help from the forklift manufacturer

When you have tried to make repairs with used forklift parts but cannot seem to get your forklift back into operation, this is when it is time to contact the forklift manufacturer directly to seek help.

No matter what brand of forklift you are trying to service, every forklift sold in the US is, by law, required to come with a service manual for that specific make and model of forklift. If you are ever in doubt when it comes to repair or simply light maintenance, this service manual should is your primary resource.

When the manual does not cover what you are having trouble repairing, contact the manufacturer directly and let them point you in the proper direction.

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