Buying used forklift parts

Without question, one of the most used pieces of equipment in any busy warehouse is the forklift. From loading and unloading containers, stacking pallets, or storing merchandise and supplies, the typical forklift is constantly in operation. While lift truck operators have restrictions on hours, the equipment can be used around the clock. This frequent operation accelerates parts wear and tear, requiring a business to maintain an ample supply of replacement parts.

The issue many managers and owners face are whether it’s a good idea to buy used forklift parts. Truthfully, using refurbished or rebuilt forklift parts is quite acceptable – especially when you own older lift trucks that may not have OEM or aftermarket replacement new parts readily available. But it is important to realize the difference between quality used forklift parts, and those that are less-than-desirable.

This is what we’ll explore in today’s blog. In the information below, we’ll provide the pros and cons of buying used forklift parts. We will explain what to look for in a quality used part for forklifts and lift trucks, and why it’s crucial to work with a professional parts supplier.

The Pros of Buying Used Forklift Parts

The modern forklift is comprised of multiple moving parts – each of them designed to wear out over time. Replacing parts before they break completely is the key to avoiding damage to more expensive forklift components and operational systems.

If you’re thinking about buying reconditioned or rebuilt parts for lift trucks, electric or fuel-powered forklifts, and other warehouse equipment, here are some of the pros to consider.

More Affordable: The biggest reason to consider used parts for forklifts is the reduced price. In fact, there are some OEM replacement parts for several forklifts that can cost more than five times more than new – without the five-times the expected longevity.

Easier to Maintain Inventory: Ask most logistics or warehousing managers about the leading reason for keeping a limited replacement part supply on hand – and the answer is always cost-related. By purchasing used and rebuilt or refurbished components from a reliable provider of online forklift replacement parts company, you’ll be able to order a few vs one new part.

Quicker Repairs and Reduced Downtime: A forklift that is not operating can significantly impact the daily operations of any business. When you can purchase affordable replacement parts online, and keep a few in your inventory, making repairs is easier, quicker, and allows you to reduce the amount of downtime of a malfunctioning or broken-down lift truck.

Improved Safety: A leading cause of many forklift-related accidents is a mechanical failure. However, most components on a forklift do not instantly fail – it’s a progressive failure that is usually detected during a routine maintenance inspection. If the replacement part is more affordable, it’s easier to buy them immediately – and reduce the potential of accidents and injuries.

Efficient Business Operations: Obviously if you’re able to keep your forklifts running strong, you can increase or maintain your operational readiness. This is especially important for businesses in logistics, manufacturing, and warehousing that deal with peak seasons of operation. The used parts advantages listed above all equate to lift trucks that work correctly, efficiently, and allow you to keep up with demand.

The Cons of Buying Used Lift Truck Parts

While there seems to be no downside to purchasing used parts for forklifts, it is important to consider the source. The eCommerce marketplace is both convenient and complex – with some companies offering high-quality replacement parts that have been professionally inspected, refurbished, and/or rebuilt – and some that sell junkyard replacement parts.

As such, there are some cons to blindly buying replacement parts online for your forklifts and warehouse equipment.

Always Do Your Homework: Not all online businesses operate under ethical guidelines. This is especially true in the automotive or mechanical equipment replacement part industry. Some offer dropship services from overseas agents, which results in slower delivery time, poor quality parts, and unclear return policies. Anytime you’re looking for used forklift parts online, make sure to complete due diligence on that company before clicking the ‘buy now’ button.

Inquire About Return Policies: Ordering replacement parts for any mechanical system is not an exact science. Unless you’re dealing with specific OEM components, it’s common for errors to be made on either ordering the wrong part or receiving the incorrect one. It’s always a good idea to check with your online parts supplier about their return policy – for peace of mind and reassurance if errors occur.

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