Used forklift parts online

Finding replacement parts for your daily driver, delivery truck, even your refrigerator is easy these days. Whether you have a local auto parts store or major appliance repair facility near you, or you search online, it’s quite possible you’ve got more than a dozen options to purchase the same part. But when it comes to finding and buying the best forklift parts for sale – it isn’t as simple. In fact, it can be downright frustrating and expensive.

Buying replacement parts for a forklift or liftruck is easier when you complete the process online. It’s more convenient, time-sensitive, and believe it or not – cheaper. Most brick and mortar parts wholesalers of replacement forklift parts for sale increase the cost of goods simply due to higher overhead expenses.

The eCommerce or online service typically operates with lower overhead costs. They’re able to display the parts, provide accurate descriptions, and ship out products within 24 hours in most cases. However, not all online merchants operate with the same efficiency – and some of them do not offer returns.

So, before you get into a troubling situation or stuck with the wrong replacement parts for your forklift, take a few minutes to review these four tips.

Tip #1 – Verify the Serial Number, Make and Model of Forklift

The first step when ordering any parts online is to verify the details of the lift. Most mistakes in ordering parts is starting with the wrong information, such as the manufacturer, model number, or serial number. While many replacement forklift parts are aftermarket, and can ‘work’ with multiple manufacturers, they are typically cross-referenced with OEM serial numbers. This is just as applicable with the individual part number.

So, before you start looking for the replacement forklift parts for sale, start by verifying and double-checking the details about your lift truck, and the part number. Make sure to write these details down on paper – which will help you search for the right part from the beginning with accurate information.

Tip #2 – Comparison Shop

While forklift replacement parts are less prevalent than aftermarket automotive components, there are multiple providers online. Although it’s tempting to click and order the first search result on Google, sometimes doing so will cost you more than just money.

E-Commerce business – specifically when it comes to the rankings on Google are determined by multiple factors – including paid advertising. Some less than reliable online merchants will spend money on ads to attract unsuspecting customers, take their money, and ship parts to them from overseas companies or locations.

Not only is this a less reliable method of getting replacement parts you need quickly, but it can also cost you more for the parts, shipping of parts, and usually includes no returns. So – before you buy, do some comparison shopping with at least 3 different online parts suppliers.

Tip #3 – Consider Shipping Costs and Time

As stated above, sometimes picking the lowest price part is not always the best value. There are multiple costs that factor into your end invoice – including the cost of shipping and the time it takes to receive these parts. If your forklift is out of service and requires those parts to return to normal business operations, your business is likely losing money.

The longer it takes to receive these important replacement parts equates to lost revenue, or additional costs having to rent a forklift. When you are buying replacement parts, make sure to determine how much shipping is going to cost, and how quickly you’ll receive them.

Tip #4 – Only Purchase from a Professional Company Specializing in Forklift Parts for Sale

The three items above are easy to mitigate when you work with an experienced and reliable forklift parts supplier like Atlanta Liftruck Salvage. We offer thousands of forklift replacement parts for multiple makes, models, and types of equipment. Each part we offer is fully inspected, clean, and in the case of used parts – repainted and refurbished.

Our state-of-the-art parts documentation system allows us to double-check your ordered parts are compatible with the unit you’re servicing. This reduces ordering errors, shipping problems, and reduces downtime and hassles associated with receiving the wrong part. However, in the unlikely event, you receive the wrong forklift parts for sale, we offer a no-hassle 30-day return policy.

Ordering replacement forklift parts doesn’t have to be complex, frustrating, or expensive. By following the tips above, and working with an experienced company like Atlanta Liftruck Salvage, you’ll streamline the process and receive the highest quality parts.