Top used forklift replacement parts

Forklifts are heavy, durable, and virtually indestructible. Of course, the keyword here is ‘virtually’ – as even the most heavy-duty lift trucks are prone to damaging parts. This potential is expanded when routine service and maintenance is skipped or extended past the manufacturer’s recommendation. With all that said, there are many used forklift parts that are ordered from online salvage companies more frequently than others. 

Whether it’s due to being prone to damage from outside sources or equipment in the warehouse, or exposure to dirt, debris, and more, some forklift components are in the higher-risk category. While there are a few ways to extend parts wear and tear, it’s critical to know which parts are more likely to damage prematurely, so you can plan for purchasing replacements when needed.

Let’s review the top four forklift parts that are among the most popular replacements ordered through professional forklift salvage companies – like Atlanta Liftruck Salvage.


There is a simple mechanical fact – the heavier an object is – the harder it is to stop. Ask any truck driver how difficult it is to slow their 18-wheeler with a full 53’ trailer load for verification of this reality. Forklifts with a load can play havoc on all moving parts – but the brakes take a huge beating. Forklift braking systems are different – based on their weight capacity and construction. 

However, it’s common for warehousing and logistics businesses to opt for salvaged forklift brakes – especially when they have been reconditioned, inspected, and checked for integrity of all components. The key to purchasing used forklift brake parts is ensuring you know your specific make, model, and the serial number of the lift truck. This will simplify the search for replacement parts – especially if you order them online.


This one simply makes many fiscally-responsible warehouse managers shake their heads – but it’s a commonly replaced part. While forklift operators undergo continual training and education, they are still prone to making driving mistakes. 

One of the most common forklift incidents that cause damage to forks is while loading or off-loading trucks or containers. The operator will either apply too much pressure to the forks as they pick-up a pallet or hit the forks on a solid object entering/exiting the trailer. 

It’s also common for forks to become damaged when they hit steel, concrete walls, or other solid objects. Regardless, forks that are bent or damaged can’t be trusted to safely lift or haul freight through a facility. 

Masts & Chains

To lift a load, the mast and the chains & gears must work together without any kinks or damage to any component. If one part becomes damaged, it’s easier to replace individual parts before other synergetic components additionally break. Like forks, a mast or chain usually breaks due to improper use. Typically, chain issues are the result of lifting freight past the weight capacity, while a mast can break due to striking an object, or likewise, using the lift past it’s limits. 


The tires that allow a forklift to operate through the warehouse or outdoors are customized for a specific application. If the lift is an indoor-only lift, the tires are typically a softer compound, and more likely to become damaged when hitting solid objects. Some forklifts that can work outdoors will have tires that are harder, or at the least – can absorb more hits and bumps. 

Nonetheless, forklift tires can become damaged for a slew of different reasons. When they are broken, working with a professional salvage company to purchase used forklift tires is easy and cost-effective. 

Why You Should Trust Atlanta Liftruck Salvage

Damage to forklifts can occur without notice. When you have the luxury of having multiple forklifts on standby for operations to use – buying replacement parts is not as time-sensitive or frustrating. However, most businesses today don’t have several liftrucks on standby. 

If this situation is applicable to you, or you simply prefer to reduce the stress associated with buying used forklift parts, you can trust Atlanta Liftruck Salvage to have the parts you need quickly, affordably, and without hassle. 

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