Used Forklift Parts

Most of the time, when a major forklift part breaks, it’s due to a lack of lubrication, or another moving part designed to wear over time. As a forklift operates, and parts move, friction is created, and those heavy, durable parts designed for longevity undergo an excessive amount of stress. While routine service and maintenance can eliminate this problem, you’ll eventually have to find a replacement component. This is a perfect situation when looking for high-quality used forklift parts is a more-than-acceptable option.

There was a time when using refurbished replacement forklift parts was considered taboo. The quality of the parts or the integrity of them was always in question, and honestly – something that was hard to determine. Not only that, but the companies offering these replacement parts had a less-than-stellar reputation for delivering them. And worse, returning a used part was nearly impossible.

However, as technology has improved, so has the reliability of used forklift parts. There are many professional companies and forklift mechanics who prefer purchasing refurbished and inspected salvage forklift parts vs new parts.

This is what we’ll discuss today. In the information below, we’ll outline three major reasons why you should consider buying your replacement forklift parts from Atlanta Liftruck Salvage vs wasting your money on new parts.

Reason #1 – Significant Cost Savings

File this one under Captain Obvious level. New forklift parts can be considerably higher priced than used. This is a fundamental business concept in any industry. For example – if you have to replace a forklift cage, gear set, or even hydraulic system, the difference between purchasing a new replacement forklift part vs a refurbished part that has been fully inspected and cleaned – can cost you up to 80 percent more for new.

However, it’s important to clarify that the pricing on replacement forklift parts – whether they are new or used, depends on multiple variables.

  • Availability: Some older lift trucks or specialty forklifts do not have an ample supply of replacement components. Like any other business, supply will often dictate the cost of the part.
  • Demand: The other side of the equation is the demand for those replacement parts. For example, if a certain part is known to wear out prematurely on a specific type of forklift, that is a high-demand replacement component. That will impact the cost of the parts on both new and used.
  • The Quality: Not all used forklift parts are identical. In fact, this is the factor that really needs to be scrutinized by repair mechanics or those purchasing the replacement part. You should always defer to a professional salvage company – like Atlanta Liftruck Salvage that has a proven record for only selling top-quality replacement parts.

Reason #2 – Quicker Availability

When you work with a salvage company that sells refurbished replacement parts, it’s quicker and more convenient. A professional business that offers a used part maintains an ample inventory – that has been inspected, tested, cleaned, refurbished, repainted, and is ready to ship. Since they have them in their inventory and do not need to order them from OEM or aftermarket manufacturers, it expedites the shipping process – saving you precious time.

Further, when you don’t have to wait for third-party deliveries, the down time for repairing a damaged forklift is cut – meaning you can back to normal business and better serve your customers.

Reason #3 – Can Work Just as Good as New

Depending on the part or component, a used forklift part can often work just as well as the new one. Let’s take the example at the opening of this article. As we noted, most often, major component damage is due to poor maintenance or lubrication issues. If those issues are mitigated and resolved, the actual part that is replaced should be fine – and last for a long time.

Of course, there are some parts like tires, belts, and other moving components made to wear that should be replaced with newer components.

The Best Advice for Purchasing Used or New Forklift Parts

If you’re on the fence about whether you should opt for new or used forklift parts, it’s a smart idea to speak to someone you can trust to guide you correctly. The experts at Atlanta Liftruck Salvage have been a trusted source of high-quality replacement parts for forklifts and other warehouse support equipment for 25 years.

We focus our efforts at providing excellent customer service by being honest, transparent, and guiding our customers with the right technical support and advice. If we a used part that fits their needs, or believe a new OEM part is better advised, we tell them the truth. This trust is backed by our 30-day No Hassle return policy.

If you have a lift truck or forklift that needs some replacement parts, contact Atlanta Forklift Salvage first.