Money is tight – especially as our global economy struggles to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. For those in the supply chain, the need to maintain the efficient movement of freight, supplies, raw materials, and equipment is more critical than ever before to keep up with demand. A Hyster forklift is one of the critical tools used to accomplish this task in warehouses and fulfillment centers across the US. While they are durable, reliable, and professionally-built lift trucks, even Hyster lifts require maintenance.

As warehouse equipment managers struggle with restricted budgets, the question of whether using used Hyster forklift parts is a good idea is being asked more frequently than in years past. The simple answer is – it depends on the provider.

There are some professional ecommerce forklift salvage companies that are trustworthy – and some that should be avoided like the plague. The key is to work with an established forklift salvage company, that fully inspects, refurbishes, and repaints all Hyster replacement parts – ships them quickly, and offers a no hassle return policy.

In the information below, we’ll outline a few handy tips for determining which Hyster parts can be purchased used, and which should be new OEM replacement options.

The Guide to Used Hyster Replacement Parts

If you’re going to opt for buying used Hyster forklift parts, it’s important to know which ones are better or safer than other components. The main item to consider is the application or use of the part, and whether it’s a component that’s intended or engineered to wear out progressively over time. This would include parts and operating systems such as:

  • Differentials and Housings
  • Forklift Mast
  • Forklift Gears – like Ring & Pinion
  • Linkage and Levers
  • Wheels, Axels, Pumps, and Engine Components
  • Solid frames, support brackets, and hydraulic equipment

The systems and components above are typically salvaged from forklifts that are traded in, or damaged in some capacity – but still have high-quality sections that are in great shape. This is what a professional salvage company does – they completely disassemble a liftruck that might have some damage, scrap those malfunctioning components, and completely refurbish and inspect the other non-impacted parts.

Here is a great example of this. Let’s say that you have a Hyster order picker, that suffered a complete engine malfunction. The cost of a replacement engine might be more than the value of the forklift, which may cause a company to defer to a newer, updated forklift order picker.

A professional forklift salvage company will remove all non-damaged components and systems – then inspect each part for quality, refurbish them, and restore them to near new condition. However, there are some parts – like gaskets, lubricants, and some brake or engine components that should be purchased new. The general rule of thumb – if you replace them during a routine service inspection, it’s best to defer to new.

What to Look for with Online Used Hyster Forklift Parts Suppliers

Anytime you work with an online salvage company, it’s important to do your research first. Like any online business, there are some forklift parts suppliers you can trust – and those who shouldn’t be used. Here are a few ways you can verify the Hyster forklift parts supplier is trustworthy.

Are they Linked with a Brick and Mortar Location?

There are many e-commerce websites that are simply drop-shipping businesses, meaning you order online, and the parts are fulfilled by somewhere else. Typically, this type of business ships products from overseas locations – which is why the parts appear so ‘cheap’ and inexpensive. Anytime you are going to order parts from an online supplier – make sure they are simply the website for a legitimate business. If you operate in the USA or North America, it’s best to order parts from a company based in your country of origin.

Do They Offer a Return Policy?

There are times when the parts you order are not correct. Whether it’s due to accidentally ordering the wrong part or it was shipped with the wrong one, you shouldn’t have to worry about a return. It’s also important to verify that the company ships their parts in good packaging materials, which will reduce damage while in transit.

These two simple, yet important factors are going to provide you with peace of mind when shopping and purchasing used Hyster forklift parts. A trusted company like Atlanta Liftruck Salvage has been in business for 25 years, providing liftruck owners with high-quality replacement parts for all makes, models, and types of equipment. We offer a no hassle 30-day return policy, and always ship our parts with dependable carriers and in solid, safe packaging.

If you’re looking for a great deal on used Hyster forklift parts, contact us today to inquire about our line-up of replacement parts.