Used Komatsu Forklift Parts

If 2020 has taught us anything – it’s that money and financial resources are tighter than ever. While each US State has unique challenges due to COVID-19 to combat, one hurdle that exists in virtually every industry is a significant loss of revenue. Nonetheless, warehouse and commercial facilities still have equipment that allows them to serve customers – including forklifts. As budgets continue to be cut, the question about buying used Komatsu forklift parts is being asked throughout the USA.

Let’s be clear – a fully functioning forklift without mechanical fault is vital – regardless of fiscal restrictions. In fact, beyond operator error, mechanical failure of moving parts is a leading cause of workplace accidents and fatalities involving liftrucks. This reality drives home the importance of being smart when buying replacement parts. 

While routine service and maintenance can bypass many mechanical failures with your Komatsu forklift, there are some situations that require parts replacement. This is when buying used Komatsu forklift parts is something any business should consider. Let’s review some of the pros and cons of purchasing major parts and components for your Komatsu equipment online. 

What Are the Benefits of Buying Used Komatsu Parts Online?

With several Komatsu forklifts on the market, finding the right used part to fit your exact make and model can be a challenge. However, when you work with a professional online forklift parts supplier, locating the correct parts is easier than you’d think. Experienced salvage companies design their online platforms for ease of use, allow you to search for parts by serial number, make, model, and part type. 

Buying used parts for your Komatsu forklift provides a slew of benefits including:

  • Lower Overhead Expense: Arguably the best reason to opt for used replacement parts is the cost savings. This is especially true with Komatsu forklift parts. Atlanta Liftruck Salvage maintains an ample inventory of commonly purchased replacement parts used on Komatsu brands. Whether you’re in need of a mast or forks for your electric forklift, or specialty tires for your indoor facility, you’ll save a lot of money by choosing refurbished parts vs new OEM replacements. 
  • Get Replacement Parts Quicker: Forklift salvage companies that sell their parts online take pride in maintaining a large inventory of common parts. Frequently damaged parts like hydraulic pumps, forks, tires, and electrical controls are easily removed from used forklifts – and often in great condition initially. The best forklift salvage companies fully inspect them, refurbish them, repaint them, and package them – ready to ship to customers. This allows you to receive them sooner than many third-party distributors. 
  • Faster Repair Time: When your Komatsu forklift has a damaged part – it’s more than likely that it’s cycled out of circulation and use. At that point – to keep up with consumer demand, you’ll likely have to either rent a lift (until yours is repaired) or operate short-handed. In both situations, you’re losing money. To receive parts quicker and make repairs faster, used replacement parts is typically the best way to accomplish this goal. 
  • Keep Replacement Parts On-Hand: Used parts for forklifts are much cheaper than new. Even those hard to find replacement parts are likely less expensive than their OEM new counterparts. If you’re blessed with an operational budget for forklift maintenance, it might be a good idea to stock up on common replacement parts – and have them on-hand in case of failure with other forklifts in your inventory. 

Are There Cons to Buying Used Komatsu Parts?

Not all used forklift parts are identical – and neither are those who sell those. There are many online or e-commerce platforms that sell used Komatsu parts. Some of them are legit, and others are not so reputable. 

Any time you’re going to buy used forklift parts online, there are some important things to consider. 

First – Always Verify they are US-Based

If you operate a business in North America, it’s important to buy parts from companies based in the USA. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, and the evolving global trade debate, it might be difficult to receive parts being shipped from foreign entities. If you work with US-based companies, this risk is a moot point. 

Second – Verify they Offer Returns

Komatsu forklifts have dozens of moving parts. Combine that fact with more than 100 individual SKUS of lift trucks – and the different individual parts associated with that unique SKUS, it’s quite possible you’ll receive or order the wrong part. 

Third – Buy Your Komatsu Forklift Parts from Atlanta Liftruck Salvage

With over 25 years of experience and thousands of high-quality replacement forklifts and parts in our inventory, you can feel confident in buying your used forklift parts from Atlanta Liftruck Salvage. Each part we sell is clean, inspected, and refurbished by our professional team prior to shipping to customers. 

We use a state-of-the-art parts documentation system that ensures you receive the correct part ordered. Plus, our 30-day No Hassle return policy gives you peace of mind knowing you’ll never be stuck with the wrong part.